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Proof of Existence

Jinn are also a part of Allah’s creation, separate from mankind and angels, sharing
with man certain qualities such as: intelligence, discrimination, freedom and the
power to choose between good and bad, true and false, right and wrong. They are
distinct in certain essentials the most important of which is their origin since the basic
substance of jinn’s is not the same as the basic substance of man.
There are empirical proofs of the existence of the Jinn in the Qur’aan and Ahadith.
As Allah has stated in the Quraan: –
“ I have only created jinn and man that they may serve me.” (C 51: V 56)
“And the jinn He created from, a smokeless flame of fire.” (C 55: V 15)
“And indeed: We created man from dried (sounding) clay and altered mud. And the
jinn, We created aforetime from the smokeless flame of fire.”(C15: V 26-27)
“ Say: it has been revealed to me that a company of the jinn listened” (C 72: V 01)
“Say: If the mankind and the jinn gathered to produce the like of this Quraan, they
could not produce the like thereof, even if they helped one another.” (C 17: V 88)
“And (remember) when We said to the angels: “Prostrate yourselves unto Adam
.” So they prostrated themselves except Iblis (Satan). He was one of the
Jinn; he disobeyed the command of his Lord. (C 18: V 50)

Muslim and al-Tirmidi relate the hadith from Jabir that the Messenger of Allah

(saw)said, ‘Shaytan is present in all you do. He is even present when you eat. When you

drop a morsel, he takes it. One should clean it off and eat it and not leave it for
shaytan. When you finish you should lick your fingers. No-one knows in which part
of his food the blessing lies.’


The Prophet (saw)was sent on a universal mission to all Jinn and Man. Just as humans
some responded positively accepting the call towards righteousness and others did not
rejecting the invitation to eternal bliss.
Allah tells us: –
There are among us some that are righteous and some the contrary; we are groups
having different ways (religious sects).(C 72: V 11)
And (remember) when we sent towards you (Muhammad ) a group (three to ten
persons) of the jinn, (quietly) listening to the quraan. When they stood in the
presence thereof, they said: “Listen in silence!” And when it was finished, they
returned to their people as warners. (C 46: V 29)

“And of us some are Muslims (Who have
submitted to Allah after listening to the
quran), and of us some are Al-
Qasitun(disbelievers- who have deviated
from the right path)’. And whosoever has
embraced Islam, then such has sought the
Right path.”And as for the Qasitun, they
shall be firewood for hell, (C 72: V 14-15)
“So on that day no questions will be asked
of man or jinn as to his sins, (because they
have already been known from their faces
either white(dwellers of Paradise-true
believers of IslamicMonotheism) or black
dwellers of hell-polytheists; disbelievers,
(C 55: V 39)
“If they had believed in Allah, and went on the Right way We would surely,
bestowed water (rain) in abundance.”(C 72: V 16)

There are also a number of Ahadith of the Messenger of Allah(saw) telling us about the
types of Jinn. He has said, ‘There are three types of jinn. One type flies through the
Another type consists of snakes and dogs. A third type is based in one place but
travels about.’(Related by al-Hakam, at-Tabrani and al-Bayhaqi.)

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