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Are You Addicted to Pornography and Violence ? You May be Victim of Demonic Possession



Symptoms of Demon Possession

Demon possession may last for relatively brief periods of time for any one individual. The rest of the time, the victim of demon possession may appear normal by social standards. Only when a demon is in residence will its presence be detectable in terms of the behavior of the victim. The behavior of these short-term victims of demon possession is characterized by four basic symptoms. These symptoms may appear alone or in groups, for just seconds of time, and in varying degrees of intensity.

The four basic symptoms are: (1) violence, (2) lust, (3) greed, and (4) an unnatural power of persuasion. A born-again (and Spirit-filled) Christian can discern the presence of demons in a human by using a technique which has been used by physicians for centuries: a study of the presence of symptoms. Although the demon (or demons) may never manifest itself openly by causing the victim to speak in a coarse, guttural voice or to act out in an antisocial manner, a study of the past behavior of such a person will reveal the presence of violence, lust, greed, and/or an unnatural power of persuasion.

The late-afternoon TV talk shows and tabloids, as well as the legitimate press, provide multitudes of case studies which document the classic symptoms of demon possession singly and in various combinations and degrees of intensities.

A. Violence.
There is little doubt that all serial killers and serial arsonists are demon possessed. The classic case is Ted Bundy, who mixed violence with lust.

Massacre killers are clearly demon possessed, whether the scene of the crime is a school yard, a restaurant, or a commuter train. An assault weapon in the hands of a demon-possessed killer is a frightening thought, indeed. However, after the demonic urge to kill has passed, such a murderer may appear calm, in complete control, and even contrite. This is because of the intermittent nature of modern demon possession.

Violence against family members seems to be on the rise. This includes spousal abuse as well as child abuse. What makes a prominent and well thought of member of the community physically abuse his wife, to the point where someone calls 9-1-1? What drives a parent to go far beyond corporal punishment and cause physical injury which requires medical treatment? Intermittent demon possession is the clear answer. See the discussion of demonic time-sharing.

Suicide is frequently associated with demon possession, especially in teens and in adults, where there is no discernible cause. If a demon can induce a person to commit suicide who has not yet accepted Jesus Christ as a personal Savior, Satan has won the battle for that soul fore

B. Lust.
There is a distinct difference between normal sexual desire and lust. The Bible clearly endorses sex within marriage to the point of full orgasm for both parties. The only sexual sin which can be committed between two people united in holy matrimony is selfishness. (See 1 Cor. 7:1-9 and Heb. 13:4.)

Lust is sexual activity outside the bonds and bounds of legal marriage. This includes fornication (sexual intercourse between two persons who are not married), adultery (sexual intercourse when one or both parties are married to someone else), homosexuality, incest, bestiality (sex activities between humans and animals), and child molestation.

Demons are drawn by a human’s interest in illicit sex. Therefore, using pornography in combination with indulging in sexual fantasies is dangerous. Regarding using pornography, Ted Bundy said, “Like an addiction, you keep craving something which is harder, something which gives you a greater sense of excitement until you reach the point where the pornography only goes so far. You reach that jumping off point where you begin to wonder if maybe actually doing it will give you that which is beyond reading about it or looking at it.”

When two people are both demon possessed, they may have a lustful affinity for each other which defies all logic. As a minimum, such lustful affinity causes the end of marriages and careers. Often, demon-induced lust leads to murder, completing the profile.

A horrible mix of demonic violence and lust occurs in the case of a person who abducts a child, followed by rape and murder. The media fully documented such a case in late 1993, where an adolescent girl was kidnapped from her own home during a slumber party and later murdered.

C. Greed
Greed here is defined as a need for power as well as money. Problems in this area which relate to demon possession range from irrational shoplifting to overselling time shares.

D. An Unnatural Power of Persuasion
The modern cult leader is a classic example of a person with a demon enhanced power of persuasion. This is persuasive power which goes beyond a charismatic personality coupled with effective communication skills. This is the kind of persuasion which can convince large groups of people to band together with no visible and logical reasons for doing so. A cursory review of the lives of contemporary cultists will show an unnatural power of persuasion coupled with violence, lust, or greed in case after case.

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*WARNING* THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED. This is a REAL unedited video shot for educational purposes by a school in Indonesia. A spiritual leader lead a group of understudy’s into the forest to summon the spirits to appear before them. One of the spirits even possessed one of the men at the end

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The Jinn (Genies)

Exorcism In Islam

Is the act or ceremony of Exorcising. Exorcise means to expel, purify, cast out, drive out. In this context the meaning would be 1. To cast out an evil spirit by invocation 2. To free a person of evil spirits. A person who practices these rituals is called an Exorcist.

Sometimes some weak people may be haunted or possessed by Jinn.Those who failed to protect themselves or did not know how to do so are most liable to be harmed. Then, instead of the preventive measures curative approaches may have to be used. These procedures used to free the possessed have been well documented by Ahadith, seerah and Quran.

Beating the Possessed Person

Some times it is difficult to get rid of shaitan from the body of the possessed. By reading Qur’an or by requesting the devil to get out, may not be enough. Hence, one (quaified) has to curse the devil and beat the person while reading Qur’an.
Curing a possessed person and the removal of the jinn may require the afflicted individual be beaten many times. Such beating will fall on the jinn while the possessed human does not feel these blows on his body. When a demented person regains consciousness he would be a witness to those around him that he did not feel the pain of the beating. At the same time there will be no effect or any trace mark from the beating on the body.

It was reported in the Musnad of Ahmad and the Sunan of  Abu Dawood that a narration from Umm Az – Zaari. Ibn  Aamir  Al –Abdee, went to the messenger (saw) with a son of his who was insane. He narrated:
When we reached Allah’ s Messenger (saw), I  said : “ I have with me a son who is insane whom I have brought for you to pray to Allah for .” the Messenger (saw)said :
“Bring him to me. “ So I went to get him from the group of riding animals . I took off his traveling clothes and put on good clothes , and took him by the hand back to the Messenger of Allah (saw) .He said :  “ Bring him closer to me and turn his back to me.”  He then grabbed his garment and began to beat him on his back so much so that I saw the whiteness of his armpits. While doing so he said :  “ Get out enemy of Allah !  Enemies of Allah get out! “ The boy then began to gaze in a healthy manner quite different from his earlier gaze. Allah’s messenger (saw)then sat him down directly in front of him , called for some water for him and wiped his face , then he prayed for him. After the messenger (saw)of Allah ‘s prayer there was none in the delegation better than him.

Cursing or Demanding the Jinn to Get Out

The other method used by the Prophet (saw)of Allah is the idea of cursing the Jinn to leave the victim. It has been reported by Abu Dardaa in Sahih Muslim that the Prophet (saw) stood up in prayer and he heard him say:

I seek refuge in Allah from you (Shaitan). I curse you by Allah’s curse. I curse you by Allah’s curse. I curse you by Allah’s curse.

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