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Khaja Ghulam Jeelani is the Gadi Nasheen and the Descendant of Sufi Saint Shaykh

Hadrat Qamaruddin Shah Qadri(Reh) who Belonged  to the greatest Sufi Path of King of all Saints Shaykh Hadrat Abdul Qadir Jeelani (reh)

Hadrat Qamaruddin Shah Qadri(Reh)

Hadrat Qamaruddin Shah Qadri(Reh) was a Sufi saint who came from a Royal family of Balaq in Central Asia and later Migrated to Koshgi in India during a power Struggle for the Royal Throne in Balaq.He is Sufi saint belonging to the Qadri Tariqa,his Miracles are numerous some of them are mentioned here .Miracle 1. When Hadrat Qamaruddin Shah Qadri(Reh) used to do Zikr of Allah his body used to be torn into Pieces , one as the Hadrat was doing Zikr as an army officer of Nizam King of Hyderabad his superiors saw his body torn into pieces

they where unable to bear this sight they shouted crying with terror a they  taught  Hadrat was dead and some body has torn his body into pieces, as the Hadrat saw the people have discovered his true nature and where going crazy with fear the Hadrat Immediately regained his form back and all the pieces  of  his body joined together and then people calmed down and excused him from  the army saying  that such great saint of high status should not serve as army man but should take his position as a saint in Kosgi and guide them to the true Islamic Path .

The Mission of Khaja Jeelani is to help the victims of black magic and Evil demonic Possession which have become so rampant in this evil age of end times .



Khaja Jeelani Qadri

The Sword Against Black Magic and Demons

Any Victim of Black magic or Demonic Posseion can contact

Khaja Jeelani  on

e- mail


Phone Cell + 1 302-521-9980     USA

Contact Address






by providing with their full name and the full name of their mother , Inshallah if Allah wills  he will provide you with details of your problem in 2 or 3 days and whether he can take your case or not , there is no fees for the treatment but it is appreciated if  the victims can provide some fees if they wish and feel satisfied by the treatment as this will provide Khaja the opportunity to serve the victims in a better way .



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