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Are You Addicted to Pornography and Violence ? You May be Victim of Demonic Possession



Symptoms of Demon Possession

Demon possession may last for relatively brief periods of time for any one individual. The rest of the time, the victim of demon possession may appear normal by social standards. Only when a demon is in residence will its presence be detectable in terms of the behavior of the victim. The behavior of these short-term victims of demon possession is characterized by four basic symptoms. These symptoms may appear alone or in groups, for just seconds of time, and in varying degrees of intensity.

The four basic symptoms are: (1) violence, (2) lust, (3) greed, and (4) an unnatural power of persuasion. A born-again (and Spirit-filled) Christian can discern the presence of demons in a human by using a technique which has been used by physicians for centuries: a study of the presence of symptoms. Although the demon (or demons) may never manifest itself openly by causing the victim to speak in a coarse, guttural voice or to act out in an antisocial manner, a study of the past behavior of such a person will reveal the presence of violence, lust, greed, and/or an unnatural power of persuasion.

The late-afternoon TV talk shows and tabloids, as well as the legitimate press, provide multitudes of case studies which document the classic symptoms of demon possession singly and in various combinations and degrees of intensities.

A. Violence.
There is little doubt that all serial killers and serial arsonists are demon possessed. The classic case is Ted Bundy, who mixed violence with lust.

Massacre killers are clearly demon possessed, whether the scene of the crime is a school yard, a restaurant, or a commuter train. An assault weapon in the hands of a demon-possessed killer is a frightening thought, indeed. However, after the demonic urge to kill has passed, such a murderer may appear calm, in complete control, and even contrite. This is because of the intermittent nature of modern demon possession.

Violence against family members seems to be on the rise. This includes spousal abuse as well as child abuse. What makes a prominent and well thought of member of the community physically abuse his wife, to the point where someone calls 9-1-1? What drives a parent to go far beyond corporal punishment and cause physical injury which requires medical treatment? Intermittent demon possession is the clear answer. See the discussion of demonic time-sharing.

Suicide is frequently associated with demon possession, especially in teens and in adults, where there is no discernible cause. If a demon can induce a person to commit suicide who has not yet accepted Jesus Christ as a personal Savior, Satan has won the battle for that soul fore

B. Lust.
There is a distinct difference between normal sexual desire and lust. The Bible clearly endorses sex within marriage to the point of full orgasm for both parties. The only sexual sin which can be committed between two people united in holy matrimony is selfishness. (See 1 Cor. 7:1-9 and Heb. 13:4.)

Lust is sexual activity outside the bonds and bounds of legal marriage. This includes fornication (sexual intercourse between two persons who are not married), adultery (sexual intercourse when one or both parties are married to someone else), homosexuality, incest, bestiality (sex activities between humans and animals), and child molestation.

Demons are drawn by a human’s interest in illicit sex. Therefore, using pornography in combination with indulging in sexual fantasies is dangerous. Regarding using pornography, Ted Bundy said, “Like an addiction, you keep craving something which is harder, something which gives you a greater sense of excitement until you reach the point where the pornography only goes so far. You reach that jumping off point where you begin to wonder if maybe actually doing it will give you that which is beyond reading about it or looking at it.”

When two people are both demon possessed, they may have a lustful affinity for each other which defies all logic. As a minimum, such lustful affinity causes the end of marriages and careers. Often, demon-induced lust leads to murder, completing the profile.

A horrible mix of demonic violence and lust occurs in the case of a person who abducts a child, followed by rape and murder. The media fully documented such a case in late 1993, where an adolescent girl was kidnapped from her own home during a slumber party and later murdered.

C. Greed
Greed here is defined as a need for power as well as money. Problems in this area which relate to demon possession range from irrational shoplifting to overselling time shares.

D. An Unnatural Power of Persuasion
The modern cult leader is a classic example of a person with a demon enhanced power of persuasion. This is persuasive power which goes beyond a charismatic personality coupled with effective communication skills. This is the kind of persuasion which can convince large groups of people to band together with no visible and logical reasons for doing so. A cursory review of the lives of contemporary cultists will show an unnatural power of persuasion coupled with violence, lust, or greed in case after case.

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Video Jinn Evil Demon Possesion of a Women in a Form of a Dog

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Source :http://www.inter-islam.org/faith/possessed.html#q1

Question: Is there any truth behind the myth that humans can be possessed by jinns?

Answer: To exorcise (expel evil spirits) on humans is an act which had been practiced by the Prophets alaihimus salaam themselves and the pious, using those ways regarding which Allah Ta’ala commanded.

The Holy Prophet Isa (as)used to practice this as well as our Noble Prophet(saw).

Imaam Ahmad has narrated in his Musnad and Imaam Abu Dawood in his Sunan the hadith of Matr ibn Abdur Rahman Al-Anaq. He says:

‘Umm Aban binte al-Wazi ibn Zare ibn Aamir Al-Abdi narrates from her father that her grandfather Az-Zare’ went to the Holy Prophet (saw) with his possessed, insane son (or his nephew (sister’s son). She says my grandfather said:

“When we came to the Holy Prophet (saw)I said, ‘I have  come to you with my son (or nephew) who is possessed so that you pray to Almighty Allah for him.” The Prophet (saw)said, “Bring him to me.”

He further says, “I took him to the Holy Prophet (saw) while the child was mounted. I dismounted him and took off his travel clothes and made him wear a pair of beautiful clothes. Then I grasped him by the hand and led him to the Messenger of Allah (saw) who said, “Bring him close to me and put his back towards me.”

He also commanded for his clothes to be taken off. Then he raised his hands and put them on the child’s back in such a way that I saw his armpits. He was saying, “Come out O’ enemy of Allah! Come out O’ enemy of Allah!” Then the boy began to gaze with his true eyes and not with the previous gaze.

Then the Holy Prophet (saw)made him sit in front of him and sent for some water with which he wiped the child’s face and the  Holy Prophet (saw)  prayed for him.

After the Holy Prophet’s (saw)  prayer for the child, no one in the group was superior to the child (i.e. in intelligence and understanding).’

Imaam Ahmad says in his Musnad that Abdullah ibn Nameer narrated to us from Uthman ibn Hakeem, he says:

“Abdur Rahman ibn Abdul Aziz informed us about Ya’la ibn Murrah that he said, ‘Surely I have seen three things from the Messenger of Allah (saw)which no one has seen before me nor will anyone see them after me.

I went with the Holy Prophet (saw)on a journey. When we had covered a little distance we passed by a woman who was sitting down with a child. She said, ‘O’ Messenger of Allah , this child has been inflicted with a calamity and we have been inflicted because of him. I cannot count the amount of fits he has during a single day.’

The Holy Prophet (saw) said, ‘Bring him to me.’ The woman lifted the child towards him and placed the child between the Holy Prophet (saw)and the saddle.

They lifted him up and the Holy Prophet (saw) spat at him three times.

Then he said, ‘In the name of Allah. I am his servant. Come out O’ enemy of Allah.’ Then he returned the child to the woman and said, ‘Meet us on our return, at this place, and inform us about his actions.”

The narrator says, “We went and then we returned to find her in that place. She had three goats with her. The Noble Prophet (saw)asked, ‘What is the condition of your child?’

She replied, ‘I swear by the name of the Divine Being who sent you with the truth that up to now we have not perceived anything from him. Sacrifice these goats.’

The Holy Prophet (saw) said, ‘Get down and take one goat from her and return the rest.” Then he narrated the remaining hadith.

Wakee’ narrates that Al-Amash conveyed to us from Al-Madinah ibn Amr who narrates from Ya’la ibn Murrah who says that his father said:

“A woman came to the  Holy Prophet (saw)with her child who was insane. The Holy Prophet (saw) said, ‘Get out O’ enemy of Allah, I am the Messenger of Allah.’

He says the child became healthy and the woman gifted to the Prophet (saw)two rams, some cheese and butter. The Holy Prophet (saw)said, ‘Take the cheese, butter and also one of the rams but return the other to her.’”

Ya’la ibn Murrah Ash-Thaqafee  says, “I have seen three things from the Holy Prophet (saw),” then he narrated a hadith and in it he said, “Then we travelled and passed by some water. A woman came to the Holy Prophet (saw)  with her son who was possessed by a jinn. The Holy Prophet (saw) took hold of his nose and said, ‘Come out, surely I am Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah.”

The narrator says, “Then we went and when we returned from our journey we passed by that place. That woman came to the Holy Prophet (saw)with a goat’s child and some milk.

The Holy Prophet (saw)ordered her to take the goat’s child back and ordered his companions (saw)  to drink the milk. Then he enquired about her child she replied, ‘In the name of the Being who sent you with the truth we have not seen anything wrong with him after you went.”

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Proof of Existence

Jinn are also a part of Allah’s creation, separate from mankind and angels, sharing
with man certain qualities such as: intelligence, discrimination, freedom and the
power to choose between good and bad, true and false, right and wrong. They are
distinct in certain essentials the most important of which is their origin since the basic
substance of jinn’s is not the same as the basic substance of man.
There are empirical proofs of the existence of the Jinn in the Qur’aan and Ahadith.
As Allah has stated in the Quraan: –
“ I have only created jinn and man that they may serve me.” (C 51: V 56)
“And the jinn He created from, a smokeless flame of fire.” (C 55: V 15)
“And indeed: We created man from dried (sounding) clay and altered mud. And the
jinn, We created aforetime from the smokeless flame of fire.”(C15: V 26-27)
“ Say: it has been revealed to me that a company of the jinn listened” (C 72: V 01)
“Say: If the mankind and the jinn gathered to produce the like of this Quraan, they
could not produce the like thereof, even if they helped one another.” (C 17: V 88)
“And (remember) when We said to the angels: “Prostrate yourselves unto Adam
.” So they prostrated themselves except Iblis (Satan). He was one of the
Jinn; he disobeyed the command of his Lord. (C 18: V 50)

Muslim and al-Tirmidi relate the hadith from Jabir that the Messenger of Allah

(saw)said, ‘Shaytan is present in all you do. He is even present when you eat. When you

drop a morsel, he takes it. One should clean it off and eat it and not leave it for
shaytan. When you finish you should lick your fingers. No-one knows in which part
of his food the blessing lies.’


The Prophet (saw)was sent on a universal mission to all Jinn and Man. Just as humans
some responded positively accepting the call towards righteousness and others did not
rejecting the invitation to eternal bliss.
Allah tells us: –
There are among us some that are righteous and some the contrary; we are groups
having different ways (religious sects).(C 72: V 11)
And (remember) when we sent towards you (Muhammad ) a group (three to ten
persons) of the jinn, (quietly) listening to the quraan. When they stood in the
presence thereof, they said: “Listen in silence!” And when it was finished, they
returned to their people as warners. (C 46: V 29)

“And of us some are Muslims (Who have
submitted to Allah after listening to the
quran), and of us some are Al-
Qasitun(disbelievers- who have deviated
from the right path)’. And whosoever has
embraced Islam, then such has sought the
Right path.”And as for the Qasitun, they
shall be firewood for hell, (C 72: V 14-15)
“So on that day no questions will be asked
of man or jinn as to his sins, (because they
have already been known from their faces
either white(dwellers of Paradise-true
believers of IslamicMonotheism) or black
dwellers of hell-polytheists; disbelievers,
(C 55: V 39)
“If they had believed in Allah, and went on the Right way We would surely,
bestowed water (rain) in abundance.”(C 72: V 16)

There are also a number of Ahadith of the Messenger of Allah(saw) telling us about the
types of Jinn. He has said, ‘There are three types of jinn. One type flies through the
Another type consists of snakes and dogs. A third type is based in one place but
travels about.’(Related by al-Hakam, at-Tabrani and al-Bayhaqi.)

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Khaja Ghulam Jeelani is the Gadi Nasheen and the Descendant of Sufi Saint Shaykh

Hadrat Qamaruddin Shah Qadri(Reh) who Belonged  to the greatest Sufi Path of King of all Saints Shaykh Hadrat Abdul Qadir Jeelani (reh)

Hadrat Qamaruddin Shah Qadri(Reh)

Hadrat Qamaruddin Shah Qadri(Reh) was a Sufi saint who came from a Royal family of Balaq in Central Asia and later Migrated to Koshgi in India during a power Struggle for the Royal Throne in Balaq.He is Sufi saint belonging to the Qadri Tariqa,his Miracles are numerous some of them are mentioned here .Miracle 1. When Hadrat Qamaruddin Shah Qadri(Reh) used to do Zikr of Allah his body used to be torn into Pieces , one as the Hadrat was doing Zikr as an army officer of Nizam King of Hyderabad his superiors saw his body torn into pieces

they where unable to bear this sight they shouted crying with terror a they  taught  Hadrat was dead and some body has torn his body into pieces, as the Hadrat saw the people have discovered his true nature and where going crazy with fear the Hadrat Immediately regained his form back and all the pieces  of  his body joined together and then people calmed down and excused him from  the army saying  that such great saint of high status should not serve as army man but should take his position as a saint in Kosgi and guide them to the true Islamic Path .

The Mission of Khaja Jeelani is to help the victims of black magic and Evil demonic Possession which have become so rampant in this evil age of end times .



Khaja Jeelani Qadri

The Sword Against Black Magic and Demons

Any Victim of Black magic or Demonic Posseion can contact

Khaja Jeelani  on

e- mail


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by providing with their full name and the full name of their mother , Inshallah if Allah wills  he will provide you with details of your problem in 2 or 3 days and whether he can take your case or not , there is no fees for the treatment but it is appreciated if  the victims can provide some fees if they wish and feel satisfied by the treatment as this will provide Khaja the opportunity to serve the victims in a better way .



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